Booking Ahead? What's she talking about?

Some dance communities experience a phenomenon of "booking ahead," i.e., lining up 3 or 5 or more partners ahead of time. This practice is tolerated more in some communities than others. The pro's: you get to dance with who you want; you feel desirable. The con's: newcomers, shy people and "undesirables" can get stuck on the sidelines; non-bookers may have difficulty getting a partner, the dance community is not perceived as "welcoming." Read all about this on usenet's rec.folk-dancing. Sometimes a gentle reminder, with humor and good intent, can encourage people to think about their motives and philosophies. My solution: buttons...

Here is the whimsical array of "Ask me to dance-I don't book ahead" buttons. YOU can order your very own for only $2.50 (includes postage). Bulk discounts: 5+ = $2.00 each; 10+ = $1.50 each. Actual button diameter: 2". Colors are slightly darker than they appear on this web page. Design numbers correspond to picture of six buttons:

Design #1 Design #2
Design #3 Design #4
Design #5 Design #6 (#6 is SOLD OUT!)

Buttons say - I don't book ahead

To order a button, choose one of the six designs posted. Send your choice of design and $2.50 to:

Merri Rudd
PO Box 36011
Albuquerque NM 87176-6011

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